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We've all had one of those mornings, or maybe more than a few, when we wake up to find our eyes surrounded by puffy, swollen bags. We look exhausted. We look older than we are, and most importantly we feel like crawling back into bed as our confidence melts.

Ellio Labs and the Compress3D Eye Mask are the brainchild of Hannah James, a life-long sufferer of puffy eyes. After years of trying everything from rollers to cooling gels to old fashioned tea bags, Hannah’s lightbulb moment occurred on a long-haul flight. She noticed another passenger wearing pressure socks to prevent ankle swelling and thought that the same principles might apply to her puffy eyes. But how could you comfortably apply targeted pressure to your eye area?

Hannah, a trained architect experienced in 3D-design, recognized that every face was unique and a one-size-fits-all solution would simply never work. She brought her idea to the world-renowned National University of Singapore, and together with a team of doctors, plastic surgeons, and technologists created the Compress3D Eye Mask.

At Ellio Labs, we don't believe in trendy miracle cures or silver bullets, but we do believe that the symbiosis of science and technology should always feel like magic. The Compress3D Eye Mask is custom-fit to your unique face shape and uses focused, gentle, and targeted compression to prevent the fluid build-up that actually CAUSES eye bags in the first place. You'll wake up with bright, fresh, younger-looking eyes and the confidence to tackle whatever your day throws at you.

Why pay for expensive creams and serums to treat SYMPTOMS when you can treat eye bags at the ROOT CAUSE?