How It Works

Order online, scan using the app, and say goodbye to eyebags.


Order your Compress3D Eye Mask online and then download our app to link a face scan to your purchase.


Download the app and use our advanced facial scanning software to generate a 3D-model of your face accurate to 0.8mm.


We will design and custom print a mask that fits your unique contours and deliver it to your door.

Prevent eye bags before they form with the customized Compress3D Eye Mask

Worn at night, the Compress3D Eye Mask uses focused, gentle, and personalized compression to prevent the fluid build-up that causes eye bags so you wake up with bright, fresh, younger-looking eyes.

The custom 3D-printed mask provides visible results after just one session, and when worn nightly, helps prevent sagging skin and eye-bag growth common with aging—all without invasive surgery or expensive creams or serums.

Dr. Vincent Tay, Leading Plastic Surgeon

"In my practice as a board-certified plastic surgeon, I've helped many patients manage their eye bags using non-invasive means or surgery. The Ellio Labs' Compress3D Eye Mask is the first product that harnesses cutting edge 3D printing technology to elegantly address one of the major causes of lower eyelid swelling. This innovative solution may prevent the development, or even eliminate eyebags. This game-changing product may save you from needing more expensive or invasive treatment. Truly, a disruptive technology for a very common aesthetic concern.”

Scan Like A Pro

For the best results, you should scan your face when your eye bags or morning swelling are least prominent as this sets the baseline for your Compress3D Eye Mask.

Ideally, scan your bare face, free of any shiny moisturizers or cosmetic products in the late afternoon and follow these tips and tricks for the optimal scan.

Advanced Technology, Superior Results


    Works with your body's own physiology to biomedically prevent under-eye swelling.


    Developed with leading plastic surgeons and scientists at the National University of Singapore and patented globally.


    Personalized for a perfect fit that is comfortable, while focusing gentle pressure exactly where it's needed to see results.


    Uses advanced software, the latest additive manufacturing techniques, and biocompatible polymer inks that conform for your comfort.

Validated By Doctors, Loved By Customers

I really love my compress mask! I've been noticing quite a reduction in my under eye heaviness and puffiness since I started using it. Customer service is stellar and I'm honestly quite satisfied with the results!

This new physiological approach to treating puffy eyes marks a rethink in how to prevent over night fluid collecting in the soft tissue under the eyes. A well thought out and science based approach which avoids surgery.

After over 18 months R&D, we developed a product that matches your contours with 0.8mm accuracy.  It is the first completely custom compression eye mask on the market.

Because the eye mask is customised to my face, I know it is uniquely made for me and the compression is working specifically based on my facial contours.

Advanced Technology, Superior Value

The Compress3D Eye Mask can be used for 6 months or longer. That's less than $1.50 a day.

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tightens skin
improves absorption of skincare ingredients    
3d custom fit for greater skin contact        
increases facial fluid drainage / circulation        
prevents fluid build up and puffy morning eye bags          

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Why let fluid build-up under your eyes when you can prevent it?