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The New Enigma

The New Enigma

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Virtually all of these cases are caused by the original delta variant. About 2 in every 1,000 cases are caused by subtypes known as delta plus.

There were early concerns about delta plus overtaking the original delta strain. But as the rate of delta plus infections level off, delta plus doesn't appear to be any more of a threat than delta itself.



"Can the delta variant cause eye symptoms?"


We don't know for sure — yet. Previous strains of COVID could cause eye-related symptoms, but there isn't enough scientific data available right now to say with certainty that delta does the same.

There have been isolated reports of delta infections causing eye symptoms, including one fully vaccinated Kentuckian who had bloodshot eyes and flu-like symptoms, and a five-year-old in Mississippi who showed signs of conjunctivitis.

Although not nearly as common as symptoms like cough and fever, other strains of the coronavirus were capable of causing: