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Strap and Compress3D Mask

Caring For Your Compress3D Mask

Your mask frame and liner are made of waterproof materials and can be gently washed with warm water and mild soap. Your mask liner is soft and flexible, however do not scrub too vigorously or this can lead to tearing of the material. You should remove the head strap prior to washing as the neoprene material may absorb some water. Do not use boiling water to clean the mask as it may deform the mask.

It is a good idea to wash your mask liner regularly, or daily if you are not diligent at removing cosmetic products before going to bed. Skincare products can be worn underneath the mask liner and may help their absorption.

Sizing The Mask for Best Fit

1. The bottom of the strap should fit securely at the nape of your neck.

2. The strap is elastic so it will stretch a little. It can be adjusted to accommodate different head sizes with the velcro tabs.

3. Start with a looser fit and then adjust later for comfort and fit as needed. It should not feel uncomfortably tight. The mask should be secure against your facial contours without pressing into the skin.

Strap Extension

The strap is designed to accommodate most sizes comfortably. If you require additional length, we provide a strap extension piece. Simply attach the velcro pieces to each side for a more comfortable fit with added length.

Attaching The Strap

1. Thread the side tabs through the mask, ensuring that the bottom velcro tab for the nape of the neck is facing downwards.

2. The side tabs can be adjusted for fit and comfort later.

Adjusting The Strap For Optimal Results

Once on, tighten the straps for the perfect fit. Every head is different. Play around by adjusting the top, bottom and side straps so the mask fits securely against your face with a slight, upwards pull and very, very gentle pressure under the eye area. The mask uses the contour matching to prevent fluid swelling. It should not feel uncomfortably tight or press into the skin.

Your mask is reusable for up to 6 months with the right care and use.

How To Wear your Compress3D Mask

With the personalized fit of the mask, your mask does not need to be tight in order to restrict fluid build-up in the under-eye area. You should tighten the top, bottom and side straps so the mask is comfortably snug, but not tight. There should be a gentle compression under the eye area. It should hold the mask in place while you sleep. Excessive tightening of the mask may lead to visible crease marks around the eye openings after use.